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Nov 20, 2009 4:00pm EST
industrial zone between egypt, israel and the united states. it has helped to boost our trade and export to the united states. but in the meantime, we are also working in new channels to support some initiatives between the two countries. and that's what i hope we can conclude in washington on monday. >> and what would you like to hear in order to walk away and feel that that was successful? >> well, we are still waiting to hear from the administration a stronger message about opening up in trade, not just with egypt, also with the rest of the world. i think that is a big question hanging at the moment in terms of the position of the administration, towards liberalization of trade. and i have to admit that this is a worry that we all have in emerging markets at the moment. but i feel confident because of the long history of the relationship between the two countries, that the support for a high level of economic cooperation between egypt and the united states will be materialized during this administration. >> well, it's true, i guess, in the economic slowdown, you know, countries across
Nov 20, 2009 3:00pm EST
of the united states on our deficit, asking about our health care bill for good heaven's sake. geithner got screamed at, demanded a resignation yesterday, which was a strange scene as well. how does this play into the stock market? >> i think it plays into the stock market, its effect on investor confidence globally. you've got big strong economic growth going on outside the united states. employment is actually rising in eight or ten big countries. and i think the ability, the willingness, the tendency of foreign investors, big ones, in the trillions, to continue to send their dollars here, they want to feel that somebody is protecting the ongoing purchasing power of the dollar. and those three things you mentioned -- >> negative confidence. they're negative for confidence? >> they're a little bit shaky for confidence. i think you've got the -- you need a couple of people to come out and say we really do believe, not just the jawboning, we do believe in maintaining the external purchasing power of the almighty dollar. >> mike, when you get stock traders start saying to me, look at gold her
Nov 24, 2009 4:00pm EST
agriculture in the main and go to a large farm in the united states farmers use big tractors and big equipment and they plow up the soil and, of course, every time you do that that emits carbon that has been sequestered in the soil. virtually all of the crops around the world and countries and agricultural practices have a role to play. i surely wouldn't limit it to just the developing parts of the world. >> i find it fascinating when you look at the percentage breakdowns. when you go to copenhagen, what are your main goals at the end of the conference as it relates to agriculture? >> for starters, we would like to see agriculture be a big part of the copenhagen landscape. today you follow the press. many people are thinking about copenhagen in the way of industrial emissions and how we produce energy and, of course, that is vitally important part of not only curbing greenhouse gas emissions but solving long-term global warming problems, but agriculture, 1/3 of the total greenhouse gas emissions and it has a role to play. success for us has it being more of the agenda. >> you think you are und
Nov 25, 2009 3:00pm EST
, the pipeline arena of the united states. they're a company like enterprise product part nirs, as good as you're going to find. in the technology space we like intel where the dividend yield is actually over 3%. we like in the health care arena, baxter international. and then bringing in the telecom, we like verizon, the largest mobile carrier in the united states with a dividend yield of around 6.5%. safe, hive-quality companies. >> george, contrast for me where you would lead people. >> simon, i think that when it comes to dividends, size matters. investors right now are basically bipolar. they don't know whether to participate in the market or to stay away from it. and therefore, i think that the utilities sector, which is decried by many as being drab and dreary and defensive is a good place to put money, both for current yield and for capital appreciation. utility stocks is a group that has gone down over the last year while the market's gone up 25%. certainly on a relative and comparative basis, you can get yields up to 5% to 6% from the likes of dominion resources or duke energy or ame
Nov 23, 2009 4:00pm EST
the weekend. not just a hit in the united states, pulling in $259 million worldwide this weekend. >>> the looming expiration of the first time home buyer tax credit helping 40e78 sales soar to the highest in two and a half years. diana? >> reporter: maria, the question, of course, is just how much did the pending expiration of that tax credit which was later extended, the answer is likely a lot. existing home sales posted two records, biggest month-to-month and biggest year-to-year jumps sales were strong across the nation with the exception of the west up just 1.6%. another good sign is that inventories fell to their lowest level in 2 1/2 years, and if you go local to the west, where prices have fallen the most and sales have been busy for quite some time, there is very little supply available. >> interestingly, what i hear from las vegas, san diego, riverside, and other areas, is that they are really desperate for inventory op the lower price range. they're saying there's just insufficient inventory on the lower price range, even though they have buyers to buy, there's not enou
Nov 30, 2009 4:00pm EST
're doing and much more intuitive, as that continues to happen here in the united states and abroad, we believe mobile payments is going to be very big. >> reporter: now, for ebay, up almost 75% this year, paypal has been a secret weapon of sorts against its rival amazon in their ongoing online retail battle. amazon, you heard jane talk about this earlier, hitting an all-time high. while online shopping traffic did dip 15% year over year, spenders, well, they plunked down 11% more money this time around. that's good news for retailers like amazon, walmart and target. and also good news for ebay because of paypal. >> we believe the opportunity is still enormous as you look out to the future. because ecommerce is growing here in the united states and all around the woerld. and more people shop online in a safe, convenient way to check out. >> reporter: jane, reference those zhu zhu pets, sold 1 million on friday, 10,000 of those electronic rote ents. sue, did you get yours? >> no. we're leaving that up to santa claus. we will see. >> reporter: good idea. yesment. >> all we need, electroni
Nov 19, 2009 4:00pm EST
the president of the united states took office. we would have had a stronger fiscal position if we didn't have eight years for paying for our commitments. >> the congressman's time has expired. >> i take responsibility for anything -- i'd be happy to -- i cannot take responsibility for the legacy of crises you've -- >> this is your budget. this is your bailout. this is your stimulus. >> i take full responsibility for those with great honor and pleasure. >> the gentleman's time has expired. >>> it was live on cnbc. the labor department reports the initial jobless claims were unchanged last week at a seasonally adjusted 505,000. for the four-week average, it fell to 514,000. that is the lowest level in almost a year. and the number of americans continuing to collect unemployment benefits fell to 5.6 million. that's the lowest level since march. >>> economic indicators rose to a two-year high. that number was less than expected, indicating a sluggish economic recovery. >>> federal aviation administration says it has fixed a computer glitch that caused wide ved flight cancellations and delays for
Nov 24, 2009 3:00pm EST
in the united states which is a public/private partnership i am joined live by dr. daniel vasella the chairman and ceo of novartis. to be the first in this highly competitive pharmaceutical industry, to have a cell-based vaccine plant in the united states you must feel like a proud papa? >> partially. we will only deliver flu vaccine in 2011 and more in 2013. so it is still some work to be done. >> no disrespect intended to the people of holly springs, north carolina, but why sneer you have a big presence in new jersey. a big presence in massachusetts. why north carolina? >> first of all, we knew north carolina because we were here with our ag business and mental health business and we knew we would be able to hire skilled people. there were benefits the state gave us out of that. the package of being business friendly, having incentives and having the skilled labor was very important to us. >> what will you do to try to get the fda to get this place approved and up and running as quickly as possible so that in the event of another pandemic in the near future it doesn't take so long to get a n
Nov 30, 2009 3:00pm EST
in the united states to those banks, if unemployment flattens out then they are bullish on the big banks and the credit card stocks. specifically jpmorgan chase, bank of america, and capital one. do you think they're right? >> i think this's a lot of truth to it. i actually think being on the consumer side is probably better than being on the industrial and definitely the real estate side. the consumer has been digging themselves out the i actually think the rather lackluster retail results are probably a good sign. i think the consumer has responded. the man on the street is not stupidment he understands when he's overextended himself. he understands when bad weather is coming and he has to batten down the hatches. >> a question of timing, though, isn't it? there are an awful lot of mortgages, for example, that might be given up on and housing stocks that might come on the market. undoubtedly the american consumer is getting more strong. that's what we're witnessing. at what point do you buy that? >> well, i don't think this's a rush to buy these stocks. i have to tell you, the cutter v
Nov 27, 2009 1:00pm EST
there in singapore. >>> back here in the united states it's black friday, also known as super bowl for retail. with the backdrop of a struggling economy and a jobless rate at a 26-year high we get a gauge ever how this holiday season will fare. stacy joining me, vice chairman and u.s. retail leader and eric better, associate director of equity research at breen murray currat and coe. stacy, you have an upbeat survey of how you think people will spend or the confidence among the consumer. tell us more about that. >> we surveyed about 10,000 consumers back in september, and we had 51% said they were going to spend the same or more than they did a year ago, and then we just did a pulse survey over the weekend and 30% said that they were going to spend more than they originally anticipated two months ago. so i think what we're seeing is an increasing amount of optimism which i think is really necessary to outweigh those consumers that are worse off economically than they were a year ago. >> we were saying this when we got the data. we had a big data day on wednesday and there was a feeling of the
Nov 25, 2009 4:00pm EST
of under $200 billion versus $14 trillion for the united states. about 5 million people reside here in singapore. but the location of the country is critically important for the rest of the world. where we're standing right now, it's the largest container shipment port in the world. in fact, if there was ever a picture of the global economy to represent what's going on, this is the picture. psa singapore terminals operates the world's largest container shipment port. handling about one-fifth of the world's shipments. in 2008, alone, this port, along with three others, carried 29 million units of containers. daily sailings with everything from food to medicine to plastics, electronics, move every day from china, hong kong, taiwan, south and southeast asia, to japan, the u.s. and europe. 90% of the world's commerce is happening at sea. and commerce over the last two years is down. as businesses have cut back. of course, they've cut back on ordering of products and supplies, cutting into the shipping business substantially. the paernt of maersk is the latest to report a loss for the fi
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11